Established in 1974, LCO – Construction and Management Consultants Inc. is an independent firm consisting of construction professionals specializing in providing services to realize large scale construction projects. We offer clients a wide variety of services in project and construction management to help them meet their objectives. These services include project definition, strategy development, engineering quality assurance, cost effective design solutions, cost estimating, cost management, contract management, planning/scheduling, risk analysis, procedures development, claims preparation, claims analysis and project administration.

Currently, we have a dedicated team of construction and engineering professionals with diverse backgrounds within the project and construction management disciplines.

“From practice to realization, we maximize value and increase efficiency”

Our business

Over the past four decades, our firm has gained considerable knowledge and experience on various types of projects ranging from $1 million to more than $10 billion, from their conceptual stage to their final construction stage.

We have played a key role in over 1,000 major projects in Canada, the United States and overseas. Our firm has been influential in the successful completion of aluminum smelters, pipelines, petrochemical, metallurgical, pulp and paper, civil engineering, airports, hydroelectric, tunnels, institutional, technological, tourism, commercial and residential construction projects.

As independent consultants, we bring the best value to serve our Client’s needs. Hence, we are able to provide completely independent and objective services in the best interest of our customers. We have played a crucial role in working with Owners to define probable project costs at the conceptual stage in order to meet our Client’s business needs for early, credible cost estimates, before the detailed scope is available.

In addition, the firm provides innovative contracting strategies leading to reduced overall cost and the ability to schedule objectives.

benefits of using LCO

As an independent consultant, LCO provides the Client with a unique perspective on the value of their construction project.

LCO can be a key factor in achieving the Client’s financial objective by providing its estimating and project controls services at each of the project’s major phases:

– Budgetary and Planning Phase. Fair market estimates are translated into construction budgets and consequently used to negotiate contracts.

– Execution Phase. LCO’s team of dedicated project controls professionals monitor the construction progress in order to identify potential risks and/or opportunities which assist the Client in the management of their project.

– Project Closeout Phase. LCO’s team provides contract administration and negotiation services which assist the Client in the change management process, claims, as well as in cost recovery exercises.

As construction cost professionals, LCO will impact the project’s bottom line which consequently improves the project’s overall performance and helps the Client achieve maximum savings.